Revival Initiative is a movement committed to providing quality basic education experience to children.




We believe that the solutions to our futures lie in our hands and we courageously take action to change the status quo of education in Nigeria.

In carrying out this mission, we remain grounded by the fact that;

  • We are building a coalition of doers because we cannot do it alone.
  • We strongly believe that transformation must be local and we work with the community.
  • We are not just building schools but communities, and transforming education.
  • We operate with complete transparency and accountability.
  • If we do not do it, who will?


The learning environment has a strong influence in the learning process and student's attainment.

Early Childhood Education

The opportunity to learn in the early years of a child will improve the child's ability to learn and do better in higher education. This will in the long term give them an edge in a competitive world.

Learning Resources

We provide practical resources that enhance the teaching and learning process.

Community Empowerment

We create community centers focused on the common goal of providing quality education for every child.

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