Dear Friends.

In June 2019, we began a journey to make a lifelong impact in the lives of millions of disadvantaged children across Nigeria. Public schools suffer from many peculiar problems such as classrooms in dire conditions requiring emergency renovations or complete lack of classrooms in some instances, absence of toilets and clean water, inadequate supply of furniture, and children in need of notebooks, textbooks, and writing materials.

The World Bank has in December 2019 ranked Nigeria as the 6th worst country on the human capital index (a measure of a country's current development success using indicators directly related to health and education) citing poor quality of education and inadequate learning as chief culprits.

Our goal at Revival Initiative is simple yet audacious, to end the learning crisis by creating enabling environments in mostly rural communities where learning can take place undisturbed. We achieve this by building classrooms and equipping students with the tools they need to learn, as we aim to change Nigeria's public education narrative; one school at a time.

Efe Ogor

President, Revival Initiative

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